Anthony Griggs was inspired at a young age to be an achiever.  When he was eight years old, he asked his Dad if he could play football.  His father said, “Sure”, and began taking Anthony to practices.  At first Anthony was not certain if football was something he enjoyed, but when he felt doubt, he looked at the sidelines and noticed his father nodding encouragement.  While playing football, Anthony was challenged by a player who was a bully.  The player taunted Anthony and he was brutal to him on the field.  So Anthony figured out that there was one way to outsmart this bully; he would outrun him.  Anthony began running in the morning, while the rest of the world slept, and soon became the fastest runner on the team.

Anthony began peaking in his strategic play as well on the field and was recruited by Villanova.  3 years later, Villanova eliminated its football program and Anthony was recruited by The Ohio State University.  For the 1st eight games Anthony did not play, but when the first string linebacker got hurt, Anthony was on the field, and he excelled.  In 1982, Ohio State played against BYU and Anthony was a major contributor to Ohio State’s win.

A few weeks later, Anthony was one of  15 Ohio State seniors that were looked at by NFL scouts.  As part of the try-out, each player was asked to run the 40-yard dash.  When it was Anthony’s turn, the scout said, “Anthony, when you are ready, go ahead.”  Those words would stay with Anthony the rest of his life and they are words he lives by.  Anthony had a stellar run in the 40 yard dash.

One day, Anthony went to his dorm room, and his roommate told him that there was a phone message for him.  He was being recruited by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 4th round.  Anthony was elated as his dream of playing for the NFL was coming true.

Throughout Anthony’s life, he has referred to that moment when the scout said, “Anthony, when you are ready, go ahead.”  Anthony has shared this message with students across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey in a keynote speech that he delivers.